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【The explanation of the contents】

1pondo has the widest selection of best looking Japanese and American girls getting fucked hardcore in every hole. The videos are extremely high quality – up to 2000kbps DVD quality, so it lets you jump right into the action and forget that you’re just sitting in front of your computer screen! With over 1000 titles to choose from and new movies updated 6 times a week, where else would you get your hands on fulfilling fantasy of fucking a petite babe with a tight snatch from the Far East?

Image quality is recommended in particular by a very good site.
Beauty’s Japanese pornstar is made main force.
The quality of the actress is high and a high-level actress has complete set of a face such as a famous good-looker actress and an actress of the appearance as a model and a body.
It’s number one in the porn sites site about the quality of the actress.

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【Method of payment】

credit card

VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Diners Club


【Payment statement】

The charges for your purchases will be reflected as DTI Services, Inc.
Transcription of an adult porn site isn’t done at all, so please be relieved.

【How may I cancel】

You must cancel your membership at least one day before your next billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring charges.
You will receive confirmation e-mail when you complete the process. After you have cancelled your account, you will still have access to the site until your membership period expires.

User ID and a password are necessary for cancellation.
Please don’t forget it.。

【The number of works】
2100 movies

【Privacy, Protection, and Security】

We utilize a secure protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web together with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on Identity and Billing Information.

The charges for your purchases will be reflected as DTI Services, Inc. You will also automatically be enrolled to our customer support.

⇒ Please click here it’s possible to go to”1pondo”

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