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【The explanation of the contents】

Heydouga(Unlimited Streaming)
Mobile Friendly
You can watch many of your favorite porn movies anywhere, anytime on your computer, laptop, tablet, iOS or Android smartphone, and TV.

Unbelievably Affordable
It’s a very budget-friendly service where, only for $14.99/month~, you can watch unlimited streaming of more than 20,000 movies of popular websites. That means, for about 33 cents a day, you can enjoy top-notch porn movies, unlimited.

Endless New Movies
New movies are added every day so you will never get tired of watching the same movies. From porn stars to real amateurs’ POV (Point of View), we cover all genres so that anybody can have fun.

Unlimited Streaming Plan is the charged-for, membership based service where you can enjoy unlimited streaming of 14 popular websites’ plenty movies.

Movies on our site are all for streaming only not for download.

We do not charge any other fees other than membership fees.

【Membership fees】

Plan/Duration Fee
30 days Basic Member $  14.99
30 days Premium Member $ 19.99

We do not charge any other fees other than membership fees.

【Method of payment】

credit card

VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Diners Club

【Payment statement】

The charges for your purchases will be reflected as KINGSUMMIT.
The site name or anything that’d indicate porn will not show up on your credit card statement.

【How may I cancel】

You must cancel your membership at least one day before your next billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring charges.
You will receive confirmation e-mail when you complete the process.
Your membership will expire IMMEDIATELY AFTER you have cancelled your account. Once cancelled, you need to re-join in order to start using the service again.

【The number of works】
more than 20,000 movies

【Are there any limits as to how many times I can access to the site?】
While your membership is active, you can access as often as you wish. However, if your login ID and password are used from multiple locations spontaneously, we’ll ban the access for 24 hours to prevent potentially illegal use.
In addition, if you download many files at the same time, it may be considered as “multiple accesses” and your access may be limited. When this happens, please download a fewer files.

【Privacy, Protection, and Security】

We utilize a secure protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web together with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on Identity and Billing Information.

【Who operates the Customer Support?】
Customer support center is operated by Allbright Information Services, Inc.


⇒ Please click here it’s possible to go to”Heydouga(streaming)”

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